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Did you know whisky is the most traded spirit in the world.


There are many benefits to investing in a whisky cask. Firstly, the whisky continues to age and mature, increasing the value of the spirit. Although returns after two or three years are possible, the more patience you have, the better the potential returns. Secondly, whisky is a stable investment and not as connected to fluctuations in other markets. 

Another benefit is that in most countries it is exempt from capital gains tax. This is because whisky is classified as a ‘wasting asset’ due to a +- 2% annual evaporation rate (known as the angel’s share). With casks, you have different price points to choose from making it easy to match your preferred investment budget.  

Testament to the expanding market for whisky casks is the new regulated body in the U.K. The Cask Whisky Association (CWA) was established to create a safe environment for whisky trading. The Association’s primary goal is to safeguard both cask whisky consumer and the broader whisky industry by establishing and promoting optimal standards in ownership and sales. 

Casks vary and can yield between 180- 600 bottles each. Factors like age, previous performance, policy changes, warehouse safety, licensing, maturation time and other concerns are all part of the considerations offered by the Whisky Boutique Consultancy. 

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