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Private Bottling

Imagine having your own private reserve signature whisky or bourbon, in the bottle of your choosing bearing your name or corporate identity.


What’s more, you can have it matured to the level you want. Private bottling is ideal for corporate gifting, special events or as a prestigious statement gift to share with family, friends and clients.

You may want to create a truly unique whisky that captures the essence of the event or person. Or you may have your own hospitality outlet and need a distinctive whisky to match your specific sensibility. We will direct you to the right distillery for your purpose and offer ample guidance from start to finish. Rather than owning your own distillery, have your own private label bottles.

Did you know?

Many celebrities have their own whisky brands or association with whisky. Matthew McConaughey joined up with Wild Turkey to co-create Longbranch Bourbon.  Bob Dylan has the Heaven’s Door brand which embodies his passion and restless spirit. Willie Nelson is known for his Old River Bourbon and David Beckham has a close association with Haig Club whisky.

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